1.- Under no circumstances shall access to this website and all PAPELERA DE BRANDIA social media profiles / accounts (to which said access is permitted) as a visitor, and which does not include requests for services of any kind, require users to provide any personal details.

2.- Pursuant to the personal data protection legislation in force, PAPELERA DE BRANDIA has taken all necessary technical and organisational measures necessary to guarantee at all times the confidentiality and integrity of the data that you may provide us with in your capacity as a user and to prevent any modification to or loss thereof.

3.- Data collection procedures, processing objectives and retention periods

The details provided via any of the links/forms included on the website, as well as those resulting from any relationship established, shall be included in one or various processing procedures controlled by PAPELERA DE BRANDIA. Said details shall be retained for the duration of the aforementioned relationship or for as many years as necessary in order to comply with the various legal obligations that may apply at any time and in any manner. Likewise, they may be used to provide any services you may request and/or to handle any enquiries you may make, as well as any future sales or commercial contacts. If user details are obtained via social media on which PAPELERA DE BRANDIA has an active profile/account and for a purpose other than that merely necessary for compliance with the user terms and conditions stipulated by each particular social network, you must use the PAPELERA DE BRANDIA website forms / links in order to request any other service it offers.

The data collection forms shall indicate which fields are compulsory and which are not. Failure to provide details marked as compulsory shall prevent the user from accessing or receiving the services available.

4.- Consent request

By accepting this privacy policy, holders of the details provided give their express consent to the following: the processing of said details by PAPELERA DE BRANDIA for the purposes stipulated; the sending, by electronic or any other ordinary means, or any other that technology may be developed in the future, all information and/or advertising materials that PAPELERA DE BRANDIA considers relevant to the information / services required and all others that the company may consider to be of interest to you.

In those cases where the law so allows, users of PAPELERA DE BRANDIA social media profiles/accounts authorise the use, reproduction and/or transfer to third parties of all opinions and audio/video files (not subject to copyright) that they may insert on the aforementioned media. In all cases, and particularly in the case of audio/video files, it is assumed that users have obtained the authorisation of the people that appear in the aforementioned files other than themselves. Failure to do so shall be considered their sole and exclusive responsibility.

Likewise, and pursuant to the above, users undertake to report, using the same medium and under the terms and conditions determined for the exercise of their rights, any modifications that may be made to the details provided.

Users may revoke their consent for the processing purposes detailed in the preceding paragraphs, pursuant to the data protection legislation in force by writing to the Data Processing Controller: PAPELERA DE BRANDIA, Paseo de Amaia, 2; 15076 Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña, SPAIN) in accordance with the legal procedures in effect at any given time.

Prior to any such action, users may inform PAPELERA DE BRANDIA via any of the checkboxes included on the various forms or by sending an email, that they do not wish to receive information /advertising materials inherent to the request made and/or the services contracted.

5.- Exercise of Rights

You are hereby informed that you may use any means that provide proof of the sending and reception of your request to PAPELERA DE BRANDIA, Paseo de Amaia, 2; 15076 Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña, SPAIN) for the purpose of exercising your rights to access, rectify, oppose, erase and limit the processing of your personal details. You are likewise entitled to exercise your right to present a claim and/or request protection before the Spanish Data Protection Agency, complying at all times with the indications issued by the aforementioned organisation.

6.- PAPELERA DE BRANDIA undertakes to attend to the requests it receives at any given time to the best of its abilities, and at all times in accordance with the channels established by law, as well as any comments, improvements or complaints put forward by users.

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