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Manufacturers of high-quality white MG kraft paper, glossy on one side, renowned for its high gloss, whiteness and excellent machinability.
Specialties: colors, ribbed and papers with wet strength.
All our papers are suitable for food contact.
Range of substances available: 18 – 165 g/m²

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Brandia Earns OK COMPOST HOME Certification for Environmentally-Friendly Paper Products

In a significant stride towards sustainability, Brandia is proud to announce its recent achievement of the OK COMPOST HOME certification for all its white and coloured kraft paper products. This notable milestone encompasses every paper grade featuring the wet strength treatment (RH/WS), underscoring Brandia's commitment to eco-conscious practices.

The OK COMPOST certification, awarded by TUV AUSTRIA, attests not only to the biodegradability of Brandia's paper offerings but also their compostability, both on an industrial scale and within domestic environments, right at the fingertips of the end consumer.

Brandia's dedication to continual improvement is further highlighted by its ongoing efforts to secure the same certification for its brown kraft paper. This demonstrates a persistent commitment to eco-friendliness and a conscientious approach to its product offerings.

Quality, convenience and flexibility

Brandia manufactures high-quality white/coloured MG (machine-glazed) kraft paper, glossy on one side, with the possibility of producing a wide range of substances, and with different finishes for its processing, printing and industrial transformation.

Our paper stands out due to its high-quality, as we only use 100 % virgin fibre raw material in our production.

Given its mechanical characteristics and for the optimisation of any printing process on the glossy side, our product is ideal for the manufacturing of a wide range of bags and packaging.

Paper and cardboard packaging is the most sustainable and environmentally respectful alternative on the market. Its strength makes it ideal for transport and conservation and at the same time its unbeatable printing possibilities, makes it an unbeatable ally for our clients.

Optimisation of the printing processes

Optimal paper for flexograpic and gravure printing.
Renowned for its high gloss and whiteness.
Excellent machinability and low ink absorption.
Colours: we colour in bulk, attaining a wide range of tones in smooth or ribbed finishes.

Freedom and swiftness in
industrial processes

  • Extrusion and coextrusion
  • Lamination
  • Waxing
  • Silicone coating
  • Gumming

Production, labour and environmental quality

In addition to constantly seeking to improve the quality of our products and services, at Brandia we are firmly committed to fostering a safe working environment for our staff and guaranteeing the protection of nature.

Experience, vocation and flexibility

With a history spanning over 100 years, Brandia is a leading company in the manufacture of kraft paper.

We operate in the principal international markets, with our own sales network, guaranteeing a swift response to our customers.