1.- Registration Details.

This Legal Notice regulates the use of the Internet service, (hereinafter ‘the website’) as well as any existing or future social media accounts or profiles (hereinafter ‘social media’) that Papelera de Brandia, whose registered business address for these purposes is Paseo de Amaia, 2. 15076 Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña, SPAIN), places or may place at the disposal of Internet users.

2.- Object.

Via its website and its presence on social media, PAPELERA DE BRANDIA provides users with access to and the use of a range of services and contents placed at their disposal by PAPELERA DE BRANDIA or by third parties.

3. - Terms and Conditions of Use and Acceptance.

Access to and/or use of this website and PAPELERA DE BRANDIA social media profiles or accounts implies user status, which includes full acceptance of these terms and conditions of use, as well as all other specific terms and conditions applicable to certain services that complement the former. Users undertake to abide by said terms and conditions, in accordance with legislation, this Legal Notice, the specific terms and conditions for certain services and all other notices, regulations and instructions they are informed of, as well as those in accordance with morals, generally accepted good practice and public order.

The website and PAPELERA DE BRANDIA social media profiles and accounts may be visited freely by users, with the exception of those sections that include ‘private access areas’ and/or services, as well as certain social media that require inclusion on a user register and the completion of a corresponding process, which must be completed in the manner indicated in the service, social network or the specific regulatory terms and conditions.

In all cases, the information provided by users must be truthful. Users therefore guarantee the authenticity of all the details provided as a result of the use of the PAPELERA DE BRANDIA website and or social media profiles/accounts. Likewise, users shall be responsible for ensuring that all the information provided to PAPELERA DE BRANDIA is permanently updated, thereby guaranteeing that it corresponds to users’ real situation at all times. PAPELERA DE BRANDIA holds no responsibility whatsoever for any damage to third parties arising from the information provided.

In this sense, users shall refrain from using any of the services and/or profiles or accounts for any intents or purposes that may be considered illicit, are forbidden by this Legal Notice, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties and that may in any way damage, block, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of the services and/or profiles / accounts, hardware or documents, files and all types of contents stored on any device or hardware (hacking) that is the property of PAPELERA DE BRANDIA, other users or any Internet user (hardware and software).

Specifically, users undertake not to carry out actions that include but are not limited to the following: transmitting, disseminating or providing third parties with information, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, audio and/or video files, photographs, recordings, software and in general, all types of materials that:
- in any way contravene, demeanour or attack fundamental rights and constitutionally acknowledged civil liberties, pursuant to international agreements and other legislation, with particular reference to those related to the processing of personal data;
- induce, incite or foment criminal, derogatory, defamatory, dishonourable or violent actions, or, in general, represent an infringement of the law, morals and generally accepted good practice / or public order;
- induce, incite or encourage discriminatory actions, attitudes or thoughts based on gender, race, religion, beliefs, age or condition;
- feature, make available or allow access to products, elements, messages and/or services that may be considered criminal, violent, offensive, harmful, degrading or, in general, in breach of the law, morals and generally accepted good practice or public order;
- induce or may induce an unacceptable degree of anxiety or fear;
- induce or incite involvement in actions that are dangerous, hazardous or harmful to health and psychological wellbeing;
- are false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated or extemporary, to the extent that they result or may result in an erroneous understanding of their object or the intentions or objectives of the communicator;
- are protected by any intellectual or industrial copyrights corresponding to third parties, and when users have failed to obtain the prior authorisation from their owners that is necessary in order to carry out the actual or intended use;
- violate the corporate secrets of third parties;
- contravene the right to honour, people’s individual or family privacy or image;
- in any manner detract from the reputation and good name of PAPELERA DE BRANDIA or third parties;
- breach regulations governing the secrecy of communications;
- constitute, as applicable, illicit, misleading or unfair advertising and, in general, may be considered unfair competition;
- include viruses or other physical or electronic elements that may damage or prevent the normal functioning of the network, system or IT equipment (hardware and software) belonging to PAPELERA DE BRANDIA or third parties, that may damage the electronic documents and files stored on the aforementioned hardware;
- contain characteristics (such as format, size, etc.) that may cause difficulties to the normal functioning of the service;
- contain HTML tags other than those specifically authorised by PAPELERA DE BRANDIA.

Users undertake to make correct use of the contents made available to them on the PAPELERA DE BRANDIA website and/or social media accounts / profiles, which are understood to include, but are not limited to the following: texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and all other audiovisual and sound contents, as well as graphic designs and source codes, in accordance with the law, this Legal Notice, the specific terms and conditions of certain services and all other notices, regulations, usage and regulations of which users are informed, as well as morals and generally accepted good practice and public order. Specifically, they undertake to refrain from the following:
- reproducing, copying, distributing, making available or publically communicating in any manner, transforming or modifying the contents, authorisation is obtained from the holder of the corresponding rights or said actions are permitted by law;
- supressing, manipulating or altering in any other manner the copyright and other identification details of the rights reserved to PAPELERA DE BRANDIA or holders thereof, including digital fingerprinting or any other established technical identification methods;
- obtaining or attempting to obtain contents, employing means or procedures other than those which, where applicable, have been made available for this purpose, or that have been indicated in this sense, on the websites hosting said contents, or in general, those regularly used on the Internet.

4. - Insertion of hyperlinks.

Users and all those persons intending to create a hyperlink between their website or portal and the website or on those social media accounts/ profiles that allow this procedure, are required to comply with the following terms and conditions:
- The hyperlink shall only provide access to the website homepages, but under no circumstances shall it reproduce them;
- No frames shall be created on the website pages;
- No false, inaccurate or incorrect claims or indications shall be made regarding the PAPELERA DE BRANDIA website pages, the services provided and/or social media accounts or profiles.
- Under no circumstances shall it be given to understand that PAPELERA DE BRANDIA has authorised the hyperlink, or that it has in any way assumed the services offered or made available from the website and/or social network account / profile on which the hyperlink is created.
- With the exception of those signs that form part of the same hyperlink, the website and/or the social network profile/account on which the hyperlink is created shall not contain any distinctive signs corresponding to those recognised by the legislation in force, which are the property of PAPELERA DE BRANDIA, unless the latter has given specific authorisation to this effect.
- The website and/or social network account on which the hyperlink is created shall not contain any contents that breach any rights of third parties or include contents that contravene morals or generally accepted good practice and public order.

5.- Industrial and Intellectual Property.

The entire website, as well as PAPELERA DE BRANDIA social media profiles and accounts, including copy, images, trademarks, logos, audio and video files, buttons, software and colour schemes, as well as the structure, selection, order and presentation of the contents included thereon, are the property of PAPELERA DE BRANDIA or third parties, and are therefore protected by Spanish and international legislation regulating industrial and intellectual property. Likewise, and without prejudice to the above, the website contents are considered to be computer software and therefore subject to all Spanish and EU legislation in force regarding said matters.

Under no circumstances shall user access to the PAPELERA DE BRANDIA website and/or social media accounts/profiles imply that any existing or future rights of exploitation thereof have been transferred, with the exception of those that are strictly necessary for their correct use.

6.- Limitation of Liability.

PAPELERA DE BRANDIA is excluded from all liability as permitted by legislation for damages of all types that may be attributable to the following:
- The presence of viruses or other elements in the contents that may affect users’ computer systems, electronic documents or files.
- The transmission, dissemination, storage, availability, reception, collection or access to contents.
- Lack of availability or continuity of the website, its services and/or social media accounts/profiles, defrauding in terms of the utility users may have attributed to the website and/or the profile/account of a certain social network, the likeliness to fail of the website, its services and/or social media profiles/accounts, and in particular, but not exclusively, problems with accessing the various PAPELERA DE BRANDIA website pages, its services and/or social media profiles/accounts.
- The correct functioning of the technical linking devices (including, amongst others, banners and buttons), directories and search tools that enable users to access websites and/or social media profiles/accounts belonging to and/or managed by third parties. The installation of these technical devices is solely to enable users to search and access online information, contents and services.
- The quality, lawfulness, reliability and usefulness of the information, contents and services included on the linked sites.
- The use of services and contents by users, or that may be attributable to a lack of truthfulness, validity, completeness and/or authenticity of the information users provide to others.
- Contents users of the debate forums, distribution lists and/or social media profiles/accounts that PAPELERA DE BRANDIA may upload, or the opinions expressed thereon, for which users shall hold sole and exclusive responsibility. In this sense, PAPELERA DE BRANDIA reserves the right to withdraw said content either temporarily or permanently, and in those cases in which it deems necessary, to set up the mechanisms necessary to prevent further access to the PAPELERA DE BRANDIA service and/or profile/account.

7.- Privacy Policy.

The uses and regulations PAPELERA DE BRANDIA abides by in compliance with EU Regulation 679/2016 and its provisions are specified in the ‘Privacy Policy’ section of this website.

8.- Processing of Cookies

PAPELERA DE BRANDIA hereby informs its website users that it uses own and third-party cookies to optimise the administration of the services required. These IT tools consist of files that are downloaded onto users’ computers, principally to identify them and their browsing habits.

In order to clarify and extend the above, PAPELERA DE BRANDIA provides users with the first "Guía en Europa sobre el uso de Cookies" drawn up by European authorities in collaboration with various industry representatives in order to provide an insight into personal data protection. Notwithstanding the above, users will always find suitably updated information in this regard on the website at

Furthermore, below is a list of the cookies used by PAPELERA DE BRANDIA or third parties on its website. (Said list may vary as the own or third party cookies may be altered at any time for a series of technical reasons).

Cookies used on our website

Cookies propres Type Finalité
brandia Session Généré par le serveur d'applications lorsqu'il crée une session utilisateur sur le site.
brandia_cookies Personnalisation Cookie pour l'acceptation de la politique des cookies
Cookies de tiers Type Finalité
Google Analytics
(__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz)
D'analyse Savoir comment l’utilisateur navigue sur notre site web afin d'améliorer les services que nous pouvons offrir. Cette information est anonyme et nous en avons uniquement besoin à des fins statistiques (plus d'informations ici)
Google Analytics (_utmx) D'analyse Réalisation de test A/B pour mesurer l'efficacité des changements de design (plus d'informations ici)

Please note that to the best of its ability, PAPELERA DE BRANDIA undertakes to keep this list duly updated (most recent version: 02/07/18).

Likewise, you are hereby informed that in order to block or prevent the use of cookies, and in accordance with the browser type, for all general purposes you should consult the website security and settings section. At all events, you may also consult your browser help section.

9.- Notifications.

All notifications sent by a user or third party to PAPELERA DE BRANDIA, shall be considered effective, provided they are sent by recorded post to the following address: Paseo de Amaia, 2; 15076 Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña, SPAIN)

If the notification refers to illicit activities or the infringement of industrial or intellectual property rights, it must include documents providing evidence of said claims, as well as a specific declaration of the veracity thereof.

10.- Duration and suspension of services.

PAPELERA DE BRANDIA reserves the right to suspend the services as and when it deems fit, and particularly in the case of users that infringe the terms and conditions of this Legal Notice.

11.- Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction.

This Legal Notice and all connections established between PAPELERA DE BRANDIA and users shall be regulated by the terms and conditions of Spanish legislation. PAPELERA DE BRANDIA and users hereby agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Santiago de Compostela in order to resolve any disputes that may arise between them.

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